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Congratulations, your newborn is here. The memory of childbirth is still  intense and there may still be pain, discomfort or even questions that we will try to alleviate or answer.

There is, however, this little being who made you parents, or completed your family. It is time that everyone finds their role and their bearings, while getting to know your baby.

But it will also quickly be the time to take the time to think about yourself, to take care of yourself with perineal and abdominal rehabilitation.


I offer you a complete accompaniment:


The baby:

Carrying and swaddling

Rhythm, needs and cries of the newborn

Activities with your baby

The mother:

Breastfeeding support

Psychological support for questions, fears,

doubts and difficulties encountered

I recommend that you combine a baby session and a mother session, which will allow time to adapt to your child's rhythm, according to their periods of awakening and breastfeeding.


❀ mum & baby session : 130€ / 2h

❀ unique session : 70€ / h

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