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Perineal Rehabilitation


Your perineum is precious! It serves you in many aspects of your life: urinary continence, anal continence and sexual pleasure. It is therefore a question of taking care of it.

This is in demand throughout your life and all the more so during pregnancy and childbirth. Whatever the mode of delivery (vaginal birth or caesarean section, forceps or vacuum, baby's weight, etc.), it is important to take good care of your perineum.

Perineal rehabilitation is an effective physiotherapy treatment approach for women struggling with a pelvic problem such as incontinence, an overactive bladder, organ descent or pain. Personalized exercises and advice can reduce or relieve your symptoms in order to improve your quality of life.


But before talking about "re-education", let's talk about "education".

Indeed, before the pregnancy and childbirth, few are the women who have already heard of the perineum.

During the sessions, we will therefore take the time to familiarize you with your perineum, to teach you how to take care of it, on a daily basis, before toning it up, rehabilitating it.

We will continue the sessions with hypo/normopressive abdominal rehabilitation, the only one that protects and preserves your perineum.


❀ 5 sessions : 350€

❀ 1 session: 80€ / 45 min

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